Album: MONTESCO – Sol de Medianoche

MONTESCO is a band from Barcelona suspended within the universe of alternative pop with nuances of electronica, psychedelia and dream-pop. Formed of Helena Moreno (voice and guitar), Patricia Huguet (keyboards), Laura Núñez (bass) and Jorge Gandara (drums).

“Un Lugar es una cancion de dream-pop, indie pop con sintetizadores y riffs de guitarras punzantes que hace recordar a Just Like Heaven de The Cure con alguna reminiscencia de las guitarras de The Stone Roses”

As someone who doesn’t speak Spanish, I had to rely on a translation to understand the quote about the song Un Lugar. However, even through the translation, the description was captivating. The song seemed to evoke the sounds of iconic bands like The Stone Roses and The Cure in certain parts, and the energy that it exuded was simply magnificent. It immediately drew me in, and I found myself hooked. It was no surprise to me that the song came from Europe, as it once again showcased the vibrancy and diversity of the European music scene. I’ve been exploring some remarkable bands from Spain lately, and I’m thrilled to add yet another great European band to my (imaginary) personal collection.

After listening to the song that piqued my interest, I decided to delve deeper and explore the band’s full album. Although it differs slightly from the single, the album is still a captivating blend of dreamy melodies and synth-pop vibes. Each song is bursting with energy and has a contagious catchiness that draws you in. The guitar parts are skillfully executed, and the Spanish vocals add a unique flavor to the mix. The album boasts a diverse collection of sounds that are both intriguing and distinctive. Overall, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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