Album: Cloud Physics – Streetlights

I recently received some music submissions from a few musicians, but they didn’t include any press releases. While it’s still great to receive their music, it makes it a bit challenging for us to write about their work. Without much information about the artists or their albums, all we can do is describe what we hear. However, I personally find that a bit redundant, as my main goal is to invite you to listen and discover the music along with me.

The only information I could find was a quote stating that “Cloud Physics is part of the Kitty Kant Collective, an international collective of musicians and friends.” However, this doesn’t reveal much about the musicians behind the music.

The album itself features dreamy, somewhat shoegaze, lo-fi, bedroom, experimental rock tracks with gentle vocals, as well as instrumental tracks that set a captivating atmosphere.

I was particularly drawn to the subtle sounds that felt like a gentle touch. The shifts in moods throughout the songs created a colorful sound palette and made for an interesting listening experience.

Written by Filip Zemcik