Album: Baseball Gregg – Selected Covers (2016​-​2022)

As we have changed throughout our 8 years as a band, our songwriting process has changed in parallel. Our first EP was a collection of 6 songs, written and recorded over the course of 2 or 3 months. We were a fresh band looking for and creating our sound from scratch; we were experimenting with what we liked and feeling out how our two different tastes could meld together.

In many ways the creation of our latest album, “Pastimes,” was antithetical to our original approach. Our songs are now sculpted from various fragments we have collected over years, and our two individual songwriting styles have grown increasingly entangled towards a singular mind. Working as a duo now feels like working as a single entity, and working alone can be suffocating.

To keep things fresh, we like to record covers of other songs we love. By learning the intimacies of another’s song and feeling through the nooks and crannies of a new songwriter’s approach to the craft, we are able to grow as a band. It’s a chance to see what parts of various approaches do (or do not) mix with our own style. One thing we have found that did work well with our sound was collaborating with singer and cellist Cristina Muñoz. Our first time working together with Cristii was in Summer 2021, on a cover of Joe Tossini’s Lady of Mine, and Cristina then went on to become an integral part of the arrangements on “Pastimes.”

Over the years we’ve amassed a little library of covers (sometimes recorded for a benefit compilation, sometimes just for the fun of the process) and we’ve decided it might be nice to share a selection of these recordings with you. They’re far from perfect, but are still valuable to us. Who knows, they might be of some value to you as well.

Finally, a big thank you to Eliana for letting us use her beautiful drawing for the cover of this little release.
Happy holidays!

Sharing a story and a great album full of wonderful covers by my favorite Italian/Californian duo Baseball Gregg. A must listen. In the beginning, I was not a huge fan of covers in general, but after doing many covers compilations on Z Tapes I started to enjoy them more and more. I am so happy Baseball Gregg decided to share them as an album so we can enjoy them in one place.

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