Under #1 – August

A brief introduction to Under

‘Under’ is a new column that will be published at the end of each month. Ten artists will be featured per column, the column will consist of a playlist and haiku dedicated to each track. The aim is to put a spotlight on music that does not get the recognition it deserves.

Rory & The Nature Kids – It Will Pass

Lift your foggy head
Wipe dust from the window pane
Strange white van pulls up

Linda Sjöquist – Vos y Tu Fuego

Soft, welcome airbag
A pillow for all my doubts
Sway with the fall breeze

Surcarilita – Soon

Messy bedroom fort
Feet itching for a way out
Sun spots in your eyes

Sundozer – Never Easy

Bus station neon
Colour codes all the leaving
Break into a run

Hovering – Dreamtrap

Tokyo shopfront line
Headphones dull down the buzzing
Spilled beer floods the road

Luke Saxton – Liverpool Canal

Feel the welcome mat
Kick off old boots by the stairs
The wallpaper peels

Cancioneira – Quien te viera

Who on earth saw you
While you paced the corridor
Turned out all the lights

Hotel – Your Hollow God

Slip between state lines
All of our gods are hollow
And sanctuary

Ryan Robinson – Honestly ft. Allyson Lowry

Trash bags stack up high
You got lost in the skyline
Hiding from sirens

Epilogues – limb.mp4_version1

What end have we met
Watching the tram pull away
It’s easier now