Single: The Soods – Don’t Let Me Go (I’ll Only Float Off Into Space)

Loosely based on a Karl Pilkington quote revolving around the moon landing and one astronaut not even getting off the ship and thus becoming the “loneliest man in the world” comes the Soods first new recording of 2023 from their forthcoming album this fall on GTG Records.

I have written about The Soods a long time ago and I am glad they are back with a new folky indie lo-fi rock that feels like sitting at a fire with your friends and playing a song together. It somehow feels so refreshing and helps me to slow down my thoughts and just get immersed fully into the melody and the vocals. The song feels so emotional and I am loving the lyrics:

So hold me close my dear
For I fear that I’ll slip through the atmosphere
So tie me down in place
I’m afraid that I’ll stumble towards outer space

I am loving the space reference (a small hint to the name of our blog) and just enjoying this little track. I am looking forward to the new album which should be out later this year.

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