EP: Nothing Special – Pipe Dream

Hailing from the underground Toronto/Durham scene, Nothing Special is a young, high-energy band driven by humor, aggressive riffs, and the passion for music. The band consists of Dan Bell on vocals/guitar, Gabriel Higazi on vocals/guitar, James Carr on bass and Spencer Holmes on the drums.

This fresh pop punk (indie rock?) from Canada is making some refreshing, energetic music. I made a goal to share more music from punk-ish, hard-ish genres, so I am glad to deliver my promises. I made the promise to myself, so I am to blame, haha. I have listen to the track Not Friends at first, but it got me so much that I checked the full EP. From the first track Julia to the last Arborwood, the release is boosted with a lot of energy and catchy guitar riffs and melodies. I guess these songs would be amazing live at some club show and I think they are (were) touring Canada, so there is always a chance you can see them. Just follow their Instagram to learn more.

You can find more music on Spotify.