Single: The First Eloi – Hide & Seek

„Don”t you know, my map’s still folded. Not to be seen, by anyone…”

“As we are getting closer to H.G. Wells future this new band was formed by two noise and postpunk veterans and a younger singer (which they met in a green park singing next to the water).”

I recently discovered a European band that has quickly grabbed my attention. Their genre is my favorite shoegaze, with dream pop vocals that add a special touch to their music. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, this band has given me a glimpse into a local music scene that I previously knew nothing about. The music is characterized by loud guitars, captivating melodies, and an energy that gets me hooked. This particular song is a perfect example of what makes good shoegaze music. I was impressed by the way the band managed to combine all of these elements together to create a sound that was both unique and enjoyable.

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