Single: Russian Baths – Split

“Excited to share that Good Eye Records will be releasing Russian Baths’ second LP, Mirror, on June 14th.

Russian Baths fuses the abrasive sounds of New York in the eighties, the angular outbursts of DC hardcore, shoegaze’s torrents of noise and the suffocating anxiety of the Information Age. One part horror movie soundtrack, and one part personal confession, the band’s music is at once imposing and intimate. 

“Split” is haunting and comes in cool tones featuring ominous lyrics from the post-truth world of 2024 that remind you the past is always present and you can always be replaced.

On “Split” the band shares; “People copy people. People are copies of people. People avoid their reflections. People are reflections of other people. People don’t look at people unless they really want to, even if you give them money.”

This recently released single from a New York-based band is a masterpiece that exudes dark and intense energy, capable of sweeping you away with its raw bass guitar, shoegaze elements, and heavy load. I found myself revisiting the song over and over again, unable to get enough of it. The video that accompanies the single adds to the overall atmosphere with its great 90s vibes. It’s a perfect addition that perfectly complements the song. This new single promises to be a great addition to their upcoming album, and I am eagerly looking forward to checking it out once it’s out.

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