Single: Sunbather – Wide Open

The first song written for their upcoming debut EP Brown Bread set for release on Friday 26th June, ‘Wide Open’ features lightly spatialised guitars, thoughtful vocal harmonies and gorgeous swells across the deeply introspective piece. “The song explores the sense of space that opens up in your soul when you can truly let someone go, without forgetting or devaluing them,” explains vocalist Sally Latter.

“I had a really simple chord progression and a draft melody to start, and Mike then came up with the lead guitar lines over the top. Mike then wrote the demo drumbeat on our terrible friend-of-a-friend’s drumkit and we recorded it with vocal mics. Despite all that, even with just the very rough bones of the song, we knew it would be one for the EP.”, Sally continues.

Indie pop / dream rock from Brisbane, Australia. I just wish they chose a better name because this one is pretty hard to search.

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