Single: stillblue – Bluets

A little bit copy&paste from bio:

stillblue is a Miami-based indie rock band comprised of Enrique Rosell (vocals, guitar, triangle), Sofia Soriano (vocals, guitar, didgeridoo), and Daniel Estrada (synth, lap-steel, vocals, rain stick). The band pulls from a multitude of influences spanning from folk to indie rock to Americana. The group found each other in the local Miami music scene after their past projects broke up. Now they share a love for sad songs, cathartic melodies, and a need to make music as honestly as possible. The band is still growing and writing together while searching for a permanent bassist and drummer.

“Bluets” is a track inspired by Maggie Nelson’s book Bluets. Blue has always been a color that catches the attention of the band and that they gravitate towards. This song is about Enrique’s time in Chicago and about the bushels of Bluets planted outside his building. This was written at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine as Enrique reminisced on past memories of better times. This song is about being stuck inside your memories and how that holds you back from enjoying the things you should be paying attention to now. How Enrique keeps going back to the memories of these Bluets beating through his head instead of focusing on new moments. It’s about the pain that goes along with memories we love and trying to let that go while still appreciating what they gave you.

A gentle indie-folk single from a new fresh Band. I am probably one of the first people to follow them on Spotify. I love that feeling.

You can follow the band on Spotify.