Single: Sofi Gev – Together, Never Break

“Creating is not just about waiting for a visiting muse. You have to reach into a storm within yourself and find a lone ship of meaning, from which to survey the chaos. You will inevitably burn your hand sifting through the mistakes and traumas of your past, your limitations and moral failings. It is painful and terrifying. But the alternative? Chaos and detritus with no beauty, no meaning. This song explores these themes.”

It’s been quite some time since I last shared Sofi’s music, but I’m thrilled to see that she’s back with a brand-new single. I’ve been hooked on her dreamy indie pop with captivating vocals for quite some time now, and her latest release did not disappoint. This track is a touch more subdued and emotional than her previous works, but I found it to be equally as spellbinding. The melody was incredibly powerful and created an unforgettable atmosphere that left me wanting more.

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