Single: plastic memories. – As Long As We’re Under the Same Sky

“plastic memories. is a project created by Drake Hamilton. Everything is written, recorded, and produced by Hamilton. plastic memories, the result of pure escapism, captures feelings of euphoria & bliss, angst & shame, and love & loss. plastic memories are the fabrications or romanticizations of the past; remembering things in a different light than they were. good times bad times plastic memories.”

This is a bio you can find on Spotify and this is a quote about the song:

“This song is about the depressing bittersweet feeling of leaving someone, but knowing that we will still be in this world together.”

I never understood why I always listened to sad songs and they never made me sad. Somehow lo-fi sad bedroom pop was always getting more than happy upbeat indie pop. Maybe it seems from the fact that I was born in Eastern Europe and somehow everything is here more melancholic. Maybe it is just me liking sad melodies. Either way, this track got me pretty much and it is pretty emotional. Maybe you will feel connected to it as well, maybe for different reasons.

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