Single: La Palma – After All This Time

“La Palma is a musical duo of Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon, based out of San Francisco and Washington DC, respectively. Working between two cities, La Palma’s music is created correspondence-style, passing recordings back and forth to build textured compositions that glean from everyday sounds and experiences, steeped in dreamy psych-pop and indie folk.”

“The track was built around the sound of an old Casio keyboard, owned by band member Chris Walker since childhood. La Palma likes the keyboard so much that they have two of them: One stays with Chris in San Francisco, and the other resides with bandmate Tim Gibbon in Washington, DC. The song’s lyrics ponder themes of memory, nostalgia, and imagination.”

It’s been quite a while since we last featured a single from La Palma on our blog. However, I recently came across their newest release, and I must say, I was quite impressed with it. The song has a dreamy and psychedelic vibe, blended perfectly with indie-pop rhythms that make it a unique and refreshing listen. Additionally, the accompanying music video complements the song’s overall atmosphere, making it an immersive and captivating experience to watch.

Listening to this track felt like being in a dream where I was surrounded by my closest friends, laughing, and having an absolute blast. The song radiates an immense amount of positive energy, which is something we all need more of in our lives. The lyrics are sweet and catchy, and the melody is well-crafted, making it a perfect indie-pop gem. Overall, La Palma’s latest release is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys dreamy and mesmerizing indie-pop tracks.

You can watch also an amazing video:

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