Single: la loye – i’m still asleep

The personal project of 24-year-old Dutch artist Lieke Heusinkveld, la loye is distinguished by subtle, layered vocals and intricate guitars, sublimely complimenting each other to create an intimate ambiance and accentuate the poetic lyricism in her music.

Sometimes I think that releasing less music is better. In the past releasing one single or two in a year was nothing unusual. Now, artists tend to release one album a year. At least. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have a label that is overwhelming (37 releases in a year) so when there is an artist that has just two tracks out, it feels weird.

la loye makes a beautiful (indie) pop with mesmerizing instruments and captivating vocals. This could be as popular as any emerging indie artists, but as it is from Europe, I guess it makes it harder to succeed. I will listen to this new song on repeat to fully grasp it. It’s powerful and it feels so good to listen to it this snowy evening (first snow of the year!).

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