Single: Johanna Warren – I’d Be Orange

“When asked what motivates her to make music, Johanna Warren responds immediately: “Music is vibration; it’s a direct way to affect matter. A song is a way to journey into places of discord and then resolve back into harmony.” The Portland songwriter/multi-instrumentalist constructs complex, gossamer folk compositions that draw from the richness of the human experience and her own unique flavor of mysticism.”

I do not often share “big” artists, because I always feel that smaller artists deserve more attention, but when I do, it is something I am really enjoying. This new Johanna’s new track is pretty catchy, upbeat indie folk and I am really digging it. It is the first single from the upcoming album out on Wax Nine/Carpark Records later this year. Definitely worth checking out in the future.

The cool part about album is the vinyl record, which is made out of recycled material:
“Entire package is made from 100% recycled materials using plant-based inks at a carbon neutral facility. Each individual copy is pressed on a random, unique color. Instead of using plastic shrink wrap, the jacket is wrapped in an obi strip made out of recycled paper.”

You can find more music on Bandcamp.