Single: GOLDEN – Eye

I do not usually quote long texts, but this is worth it:

“Eye is a song about appearances-
and when your forced to choose between telling the truth and being polite-

i can’t give u a good reason why- but all i’ve ever wanted in life was to be myself-
it’s part of the reason my music is a lil different than what’s on the radio –

the full song in its entirety is 3 in movements and the orchestral form was inspired by a tiny desire i have to bring back the era of tropical lounge music and classic pop – like Martin Denny The Beach Boys and The Supremes

I recorded and produced the song myself. maybe i was using the timpani setting on my casio. Maybe not. Haha but in general i guess i wrote this song cuz i struggle all the time with feeling like i gotta sound more like what’s on the radio for anybody to gimmie a shot.

And dealing with the real truth which is if i did that, then i’d be lying to myself and i’d be a fake- and i guess i just don’t think anybody should have to live that way too.”

I have been following GOLDEN’s music for a while and I shared a couple of singles. Somehow her music is connecting with me very much. I have blasted this newest single on my sound system and I love it very much. It works perfectly for my lazy Sunday atmosphere. I can close my eyes, listen to lyrics, and just move to the melody. This is the exact reason why I love to listen to music.

You can find more music from GOLDEN on Bandcamp.