Single: Found Space – Shatter

“After playing in punk bands throughout their early teens, Spen Oliver began to craft songs in their parent’s garage. Although the songs were softer and more introspective than before, their DIY punk approach to music-making held fast. Influenced equally by their parents’ new wave records and the distinctly California Burger Records scene, they went on to work with Jonny Bell to record Oliver’s first-ever studio LP. A last-minute lineup change led to Oliver playing as a live guitarist with bay area indie act Day Wave at age 18. This heavily inspired the launch of their solo project Found Space, working with Jackson Phillips on the debut singles “Don’t Let It Go” and “Shadows”. Almost 7 years since their first studio album, Spen is going back to their roots, working with Jonny Bell on their first new single of many. “Shatter” is an entirely self-produced and performed work made in Oliver’s Portland bedroom studio. Always based around individuality and identity, Oliver’s songs are a warm place for deeply personal truths and a reminder of life’s exceeding possibilities.

The new Found Space single “Shatter” is a self-produced song with themes of overcoming apathy and reconnecting with one’s roots. Portland songwriter Spen Oliver (they/them) created “Shatter” in true bedroom pop fashion, during solo sessions in their home studio. Written over the course of a few months, its’ creation served as a journal for longings to let go of inhibitions. Shatter is Found Space’s first new single in over 2 years and it serves as a touchstone between the project’s first 2 singles and upcoming works.

Sorry for some copy-paste, but we all needed some good introduction to the artist and the song.

Maybe the song’s sound is a little bit less original these days (at least I heard similar bands), but it is still catchy for me. Lush synth waves with dreamy vocals are always getting me and especially when they have so much energy at this song brings. I had somehow hard day at work and listening to this song makes it somehow better. I can forget for these few moments I have to do my day job and just dream…

I am excited about future music from this artist. I think it will be as catchy as this single.

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