Singles: Luah – To Relate & A Hole in the Sky

luah is Brendan Paul Sullivan + co. A Florida born musician & artist, Baltimore raised late bloomer currently living and working in Kingston, New York.

I usually do not share two singles at once, but I made an exception in this case. Somehow I got into luah’s music after listening to it more and more so I wanted to share both the newest singles from the upcoming album. No release date is known to me, but I am pretty much looking forward to it. The songs have such a nice laid-back, mellow atmosphere. A contrast to the upbeat music I have been sharing for the past months. I can close my eyes and let myself get calm onto gentle (music) waves. The first single To Relate is definitely catchier, but the second one A Hole in the Sky is more atmospheric. A really nice addition to the first one. A piece of really nice music to start this new year.

You can follow the artist on Spotify.