EP: The Death of Pop – For a Minute

Another release from my favorite Hidden Bay Records co-released with discosdekirlian. Newest EP from London/Bristol-based band The Death of Pop is out on cassettes.

“Brothers Angus James and Oliver James formed The Death Of Pop on the South-Coast of England in 2013. Their home-produced songs reflected the dismal summers and repulsive sea breeze of a forgotten seaside wonderland; recreating these thoughts through a broken mirror of 90’s shoegaze, 80’s new wave, paisley underground, and sunshine pop.”

“8 brand new tracks that alternate between the warmest of memories and the reality that what’s past is gone and not coming back. it’s a reckoning with where we’ve come from and what’s ahead.”

I have come across this band thanks to Hidden Bay and some folks on Twitter who mentioned them a couple of times. I like the mixture of several genres as mentioned above. It feels so fresh and interesting. Even this EP is really something special and definitely deserves your attention.

I am always excited to hear new releases from Hidden Bay Records as they never disappoint. This one is no exception.

So if you have some spare bucks, grab a cassette or just support the artist directly.

You can find more music on the band’s Bandcamp