EP: rosetan – summer drag

Is a two-two song release considered an EP? I asked this question on Twitter and looking forward to hearing the responses. I am not sure and you can contribute or read the replies. 🙂

A little bit off-topic introduction, but here we have the new rosetan’s summer drag EP. Here are short intros written by the band for particular songs:

the sportsman:

The song features tape warbled dum machine sequences alongside minimal guitar and bass parts.

ok nevermind:

Created with a drum machine through a tape pedal, a 1980’s Yamaha PSR-21, and a couple of guitars. summer sadness, summer drag.

You know I have been really enjoying these types of songs. I am unsure if dreamgaze is a good term, or post-punk, or dream pop. I was always pretty terrible at labeling music with genres. Either way, I love these two tracks very much from rosetan, a band from Longview, Washington. This is exactly the kind of music that really gets me these months. It has dreamy vibes and a nice drive, and I am always loving the energy coming from this type of track. I bet you will enjoy this lovely EP and you can start digging deeper into rosetan’s discography.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.