Album: Buddie – Agitator

Agitator is the newest album from Vancouver-based power pop band, Buddie. Released via Crafted Sounds in April, Buddie uses Agitator as a vehicle to express concerns about societal, environmental, and political issues, as well as personal relationships for a fully encompassing macro and micro look at what it means to be alive in the modern world.

All these themes are soundtracked with layers of distorted guitars that are accompanied by spry and melodic vocals. While the guitars and pounding drums help to express the frustration and disappointment felt by the uninformed and/or uncaring authorities of the world, Forrest’s voice has a ring of hope and optimism to it that encourages listeners to both process the hellscape they are living in while looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Agitator is filled with catchy and fun melodies that may be more fittingly deemed fuzzy ear-caterpillars than earworms, as can be heard on standout tracks “We’ll Never Break” and “Backwards Behind”. The album expresses a deep appreciation for nature and relationships and a desire to preserve and protect each. The crunchy chords and melodic singing will be welcomed by fans of Tony Molina, Teenage Fanclub, golden-era Weezer, and Built to Spill, for whom Buddie has previously opened for! Agitator is available now digitally streaming everywhere and on cassette.

Written by John Brouk