EP: Eternally Cowboy – Eternally Cowboy

Let’s fly to 2021. Summer is ending and I am hearing this album for the first time. This is how it usually works when I get to music when it is being released. This case is different. It is December 2022 and this album is older than one year. It does not make it less important. I can always discover new music whenever I want to. New music does not mean newly released, but rather newly discovered. I am enjoying this one pretty much. It sounds like your Christmas psychedelic dream after being exhausted from all the hustle around you. Every song has its unique atmosphere and together they created a really interesting and enjoyable listening experience.

I am also sharing a small writing from a press release:

Eternally Cowboy debuts their first self titled e.p with the songs of singer and songwriter Alex Ghosn, lead guitarist, percussionist and audio engineer Eric Schaffer , bassist Demetri Adderley and Steel Drummer Christian Beaná. All songs were written by Alex (formerly the bassist of Bleached ) over the last few years and we’re brought to life by Eric Schaffer who recorded and produced the e.p as well as provided percussive guitar loops and drums. All woven together by Demetri Adderleys smooth mellow bass grooves and the atmospheric and psychedelic flutters of Christian Beaná’s steel drums. The songs contain themes of isolation, loneliness, heartbreak, struggles with mental illness and a search for internal and eternal peace. Alex Ghosn’s voice levitates in a liminal and emotive space as if rested upon a storm cloud to create a sound reminiscent of Mazzy Star , Portishead , Radiohead and Broadcast with a tinge of alt-country/gothic americana in this short sweet 6 song psychedelic gem.”

It is definitely an EP that needs your ears even though it has been released a while ago. It is never too late to discover it fully.

You can support the artist on Bandcamp.