EP: Eszter Vida – TURNING SOUR

Eszter Vida is infamously known for turning sour by the hour. Emerging from a small, industrial town between two of the North West’s musical giants, the indie rock singer-songwriter pours her journaled experiences in the format of clever wordplay and captivating melodies, all under the angsty atmosphere inspired by her heroes like The Cure, Wolf Alice The Cranberries, Cocteau Twins, Joni Mitchell and more influences that release the chaos of their lyricism.

Budapest born – Warrington bred – Leeds based.”

So happy to share another European artist coming from Hungary, but based in the UK. Her songwriting is pretty captivating and I am really enjoying her voice. The song varies from dreamier lo-fi rock to more energetic lo-fi rock full of various melodies and little nuances that make the songs more interesting. I am really loving the various flute sounds in the songs. 5 songs have as much energy as a full album and I am loving every song on this EP. Somehow they feel a little bit more nostalgic, maybe the influences are more present in the sound and it brings me that feeling. Either way, this Leeds-based artist is worth your time, so go and start the first track.

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