EP: Butch Wifey – Backyard Boarding School

Here is some info about the album found on the Bandcamp page:

“Backyard Boarding School is a collection of songs by Butch Wifey, consisting of six tracks written over the last six years. Most of the songs on this EP are feel-good indie tunes, but a few are a little more emotional. There are several themes throughout Backyard Boarding School, like yearning for something more, fear of growing up, unrequited love, and coming to terms with your own sensitivity. The EP aims to induce feelings of nostalgia, giddiness, innocence, and a warm kind of love. Backyard Boarding School tells the story of Butch Wifey growing up during the most important years of her life and how her feelings evolved and matured over time.

Butch Wifey is a project of Chloe Ponder, a musician from Boise, Idaho. The newest album has been released on Catapult Recordings on cassettes and CDs.

A collection of beautiful indie rock tracks that you can fall in love with instantly. Catchy guitars, simple melodies, and stunning vocals. A perfect combination to make it work for me and I hope it will work for you as well. You can always get back to these songs and enjoy them over and over. So find some spare time and give this album listen from the beginning to the end. You will not regret it at all.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.