EP: a boy named fox – Áine

“part one of a concept EP series about a fox and a crow
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I recently came across this artist’s Bandcamp page and found an EP that I’m really excited about. The EP consists of 4 songs that fall into the lo-fi bedroom pop genre with hints of emo music. The raw and unpolished sound reminds me of the demo EPs I used to discover on Bandcamp, and I’m really drawn to its honesty and authenticity. I feel a strong connection to the music because of its rawness. Additionally, as a fan of Scottish music, I’m thrilled to discover that the artist is from Scotland, adding another gem to my list of Scottish artists to support. The EP’s poetic lyrics have also resonated with me, particularly these lines:

a lighthouse in a living room shelter at night
stuck in a landslide moon shut eye tight
cross stich inheritance abscond to the sea
sand crust claws stilted relief

you’ll make a fine dalloway