Single: Laika Songs – SPF Infinity

SPF Infinity is the second single from Laika Songs’ upcoming album Slowly Spiraling Towards the Light. The creation of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evan Brock, with a gaggle of supporting musicians lending the occasional hand, this is a largely home-recorded affair. But this is no creaking, lo-fi project; no, this feels like proper, pop-pursuing, grown-up songwriting with eyes for a wider audience, and very lovely it is too.

There’s a certain a.m radio fizz to the jangling, fazed guitars that begin things here, enriched by a melody filled with longing. The song has a laid back, unhurried sense of clarity decorated with occasional, sleepy, sonic textures within the unfussy production. It knows when to stop and when to add those fleeting, additional adornments. The right decisions are made here.

Brock’s voice is a restrained but soulful thing that shapes these deft melodies and emotive lyrics gracefully as the guitars continue to jangle and the drum beat gently propels throughout. Things get more open and horizon-reaching in the open atmospherics of the instrumental break- the guitars seeking silken lines amid the surrounding indie-rock sounds. There is a relaxed, pop musicianship at play here that proves Brock’s songwriting calibre, enhanced by the ephemeral backing vocals of Chanele McGuinness which weave in and out beautifully. Speaking of understated additions, the gathered brass (supplied by Danny T. Levin) that builds as the song traces its chorus/coda in the blurred outlines of its conclusion, is full of yearning and enhances an already well-crafted slice of sun-dappled indie pop perfectly.

I look forward to hearing the rest of the album as SPF Infinity is a treat! Released on vinyl, cassette tape and digital on June 14th, it will no doubt hold more carefully polished gems such as this.

Written by M.A Welsh (Misophone)