Album: Spartan Jet-Plex – 13

I have been following Nancy for a while. They are running Grimalkin Records and also record music as Spartan Jet-Plex. They recently released a collection of old demos and I fell in love with it. Here are also some words about it directly from Nancy:

I released this set of 13 old songs I recently found and remastered from 1997-2007. It’s up on my Bandcamp and all of my music directly supports Grimalkin so it you like minimal low-fi dark folk, maybe check this.
A note about my old music. I used to write & record a ton & idea of releasing, promo, etc was never a consideration. I’d make a few mixtapes and CDs for friends but basically, music was just for me. As much as I love Grimalkin Records & it’s a huge positive in my life, I do miss the days of just doing music for me.

Listen to these beautiful demos and support Grimalkin and everything they do for people that need a voice in the music world much more than others.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.