Album: Small Forward – Small Forward

Small Forward is the recording project of Rounak Maiti, Michael Stevenson, and Campbell Scott. The three met at college in Los Angeles, garnering attention through releasing demos online and playing shows within the DIY community across LA.

With their debut full-length record, the self-titled ‘Small Forward’ out May 20, 2020, the band puts together a collection of songs that mirror the diverse experiences and inspirations that have defined its songwriting. Richly layered and textured, the album strides through guitar strummed nostalgia and classic West Coast psychedelic pop, creating an emotionally stirring and genre-bending affair.

To mix the record, Michael, Rounak, and Campbell teamed up with veteran producer/engineer, Jarvis Taveniere, whose expertise brings depth and clarity to the band’s self-produced recordings. The resulting collection of songs are Small Forward’s strongest to date, vulnerable, textured and immersive— an album created by friends living across Mumbai and Los Angeles, yet bound together by the fabric of their music.

They released also previous music on Forget Artifacts and now they returned with a debut album. The album is full of heartful and beautiful melodies. A perfect for this summer season with a lot of lazy chill days. You can get this on cassette and just play it in your boombox while enjoying some summer shine. Just a perfect image.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or label Forged Artifacts.

P.S.: Don’t forget to check more music from FA. All tapes look and sound awesome. I am a proud owner of them as well.