Album: Mila Moon – And I Wait

Small cassette labels will always have a special place in my heart. I have been following the recent work of a cassette label called Bud Tapes. I had a chance to discover great music from them before and I am not disappointed once again. This new Mila Moon release is a beautiful bedroom lo-fi pop. Here is what you can find on the Bandcamp page:

“‘And I Wait’ is the debut record from Mila Moon, the solo recording project of Pittsburg native Isabella Feraca. The songs here are melodic and beautiful and the production feels close to the chest, like a song made just or oneself or to be sent among a closeknit group of friends. The act of listening becomes this beautiful door into an insular world of song that Feraca has crafted.

I wanted to pick some singles for you to check out first, but I just recommend you to start from the beginning and just follow the flow of the album. It is a dreamy path on a rainy afternoon. The rain drops are ticking on the window and you are feeling like somewhere else

The songs are short and sweet, some sound like bedroom rock with heavier guitars, but all songs are worth your time. Just find some time and enjoy this beautiful lo-fi album from the beginning to the end.

And do not forget to get a tape!

You can follow Bud Tapes or Mila Moon.