Album: Efficax – DESTROYER

Do not judge the book (album) by its cover. This is a universal statement that is always true. Even though the cover art can say a lot or can attract fans, in the end, it is just a cover. If I had seen just the album, I would have thought this is some metal album, but the exact opposite is true.

“Been working on this album the past year or so off and on. written through the first year of social transition, while Destroyer is full of darkness, the last year of writing and recording (and re-recording and reworking songs) has actually been one of the most genuinely happy times in my life. channeling those worries into music has been a creative outlet but finally feels fulfilling.”

Lo-fi rock / sadcore with soft vocals in the background is something I can enjoy. It reminds me a lot of music I have listened to over the years while doing Z Tapes. This album has a really strong sadness present in the melodies, but it somehow makes me feel still hopeful. Music can be a healing process to put some bandages on all the bruises this life brings us.

In any case, this album is an enjoyable listening experience and I hope you can feel it too.

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