At Start-Track we like to invite our favourite artists to create guest playlists for us to share on our ever-expanding Spotify profile. Across the playlist’s 30 songs, these artists share music they’ve been listening to recently, as well as some which has shaped their own art and philosophies.

This latest playlist is from Sargasso, a New York-based group who even our pet dog has previously raved about. You might even remember them from their excellent Start-Track bedroom session:

30 Tracks Picked by Sargasso:

Their gorgeous playlist is filled with Indie Folk, Alt Country, Bedroom Pop, Indie, and so much more from artists including Air Devi, Glitterspitter, Bloomsday, and Sandra de Sá

There’s much to discover in Sargasso’s playlist, both new and old, so please be sure to listen here, and subscribe to the Start-Track Spotify channel here.

The band’s delightful Further Away album is available now via Bandcamp.