Under #3 – November

A brief introduction to Under

‘Under’ is a new column that will be published at the end of each month. Ten artists will be featured per column, the column will consist of a playlist and haiku dedicated to each track. The aim is to put a spotlight on music that does not get the recognition it deserves.

House of Warmth – Pain Pins

Fight through the boxes

Choke on dust of memories

Tall plants in the yard

How Strange It Is – Bugs

Wind the window down

Are we drowning in the pond?

Look out to the hills

Scrunchie – Vanish

Seeps in the carpet

Ebbs down the garden pathway

Appears in my dreams

Fainting Dreams – 6:59

Shut off your alarms

The wildflowers, overgrown

Black, pink and purple

Makeout Party – Nostalgia 1980

In some loft downtown

With botanical cocktails

Everyone forced smiles

Shrine Maiden – mother’s day

White veil slipping off

Eyes meet each other at once

Meet in the next realm

Conflict at Serenity Pools – Reflectors

Corridor opens

Tip-toe past rotting doorways

Head for the moonlight

Juno Dunes – Holiday

Park bench nap ending

Sun-kissed swing-sets with your name

It’s no holiday

Paolo Ruiu – Wait Below

Put on your finest

You stumble by the red bricks

Lose yourself in fog

SGO – Glimmer

Wake to see the glow

Of a sea of dancing flames

Foaming at the shore