Single: Television Blonde – Quiet

Here is a snippet about the band:

“Television Blonde is the DIY project of Cincinnati musician Gabe Beckles. Drawing influences from shoegaze, dream pop and slowcore. Joined live by Caleb Wirsching, Christian Gehring and Kevin Dayspring”

Here is a line about this single:

“Quiet” is my newest song coming out as part of a split between us and fellow Cincinnati band, Tedward. Written by Gabriel Beckles and Caleb Wirsching.

I have been listening to a lot of slowcore past months I am realizing it has been helping me to slow down my mind in that constant whirl of thoughts. Somehow sad, melancholic music is always making me feel better. I have still not discovered why exactly, but I am still glad it is working.

You can find more music from the artist on Spotify.