Single: Super Cassette – Continue?

San Francisco Bay Area Indie band, Super Cassette has just released the video for the first single off of their debut LP. They have about a dozen singles and an EP out, so they aren’t brand new to the scene, so I’ve been anxiously waiting for this album for quite a while now, and the first single definitely does not disappoint!

Super Cassette is a reference to a super Nintendo cartridge, and the references to video games are a common theme in their songs and Continue? is no exception. The title track and first song on the upcoming album is a clear double-entendre that plays on both the continuing screen in video games, and the much more serious issue of mental health and questioning your own will to go on. Nothing exemplifies this double-entendre quite like the bridge where the lead vocal sings “you can continue” while the backing vocals sing “new game/ continue” underneath and in an echoed vocal. 

The lyrics are extremely personal and not remotely vague. Max (Gerlock, the singer and songwriter) immediately gets specific with references to quitting their job as a software engineer in Oakland to pursue their dream in music, while the question of Continue? is a nod to the suicidal ideation and depression that plagued them while they were writing this album. 

Musically, the song is great. Textured layers of rhythms, keys that give a video game feel at portions, beautiful vocals and backing vocals, the entire song has nice indie pop to indie punk vibes and deals with depression in a serious way while still remaining light-hearted with the video game metaphor of inserting another quarter to keep playing. 

In interviews and discussions Max has revealed that this entire album revolves around themes of depression and their own struggles, and coming out on the other side and having a better outlook on life. 

The album Continue comes out on December 1st and is available here.

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