Single: Ryan Jantz – Real

Ryan makes also music I like to share on my blog. I have shared it a couple of times. This one is a little bit different from the other songs I shared. It has also a really nice rap part. I like it when artists try to experiment a little bit in new songs, especially if it works great.

Here are some words he told about this track:

“‘Real’ is on its face about authenticity and the means to achieving it. I was reading War and Peace as my major project in quarantine and reflecting a lot on the significant internal growth and spiritual development of these characters over the course of 20 years (and 1500 pages). I think the question I was trying to hit on was, essentially, how intelligent, or even introspective, does one have to be to arrive at a heightened state of self? I also wanted to capture the sense of feeling “real” and at peace with oneself and yet still sensitive to judgment and ostracization, and to explore that contradiction and tension.”

You can find more music on Bandcamp.