Single: Jack Landess – Drift

Here is a short intro to the band:

“Jack Landess hails from Springfield, Ohio but currently lives in Nashville and attends Belmont University. After amassing over 1 million streams across platforms on his debut project, Jack was ready to begin working on his sophomore record. Set to release in 2023, the next EP retains the dreamy and sonic textures that Mocean carried while experimenting with grittier guitar tones and memorable riffs.”

Here is a message from Instagram before the single release, which I enjoyed sharing part of it:

hello! I’m super excited to announce that I’m releasing a final single and an EP this month. The single is called Drift which will release next Friday and is about a conversation with God during a hike up a mountain. It makes light of the idea of making God a sort of genie in my life when that is certainly not what He is. It’s about handing my problems to Him and having to take a step back from what I think I have control over. Consisting of 7 songs, the EP is called Revealer and will release on September 29.

It’s important to note that I’ve placed these tracks in a certain order that it is intended to be listened to. Each song flows into the next mostly without pause. I really wanted to experiment with these musical ideas that transition pretty quickly into the next just as we transition into new places in our lives. While Hourglass and Honey Boy were released next to each other as singles, Drift is actually a few tracks after those so it will sound a bit abrupt on the single. But if you give a listen to the EP, it should flow from track to track. Overall, I just wanted to take this next project in a slightly different direction but I will probably be working on something a bit more surfy/dreamier again down the line.”

You know I am a huge fan of dream pop and I release a dream pop on our label, so whenever a good dream pop lands in my submissions inbox I am happy to check it out. I have shared Jack’s music before on our blog and I am glad I can share this newest single. It is my favorite one so far from him and I love how gentle, and dreamy the atmosphere of the song is. The story of the song is quite interesting and I am looking forward to hearing the newest EP which will be out pretty soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this newest single and get some dreamy summer vibes.

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