Single: Gentle Ghosts – Be Alive

Another single from Australian (Sydney) artist Gentle Ghost I am sharing on our blog.

Here is a story I found in the artist’s Spotify bio:

“We all struggle with comparing ourselves to other people. Last year I fell so deep into comparisons that for months I was too scared to even pick up my guitar. I told my friend this and he was like “BRANDON… grab your guitar and play literally the worst song you can physically play”.

So I did. I strummed this crazy cacophony for a couple of minutes, and it felt… freeing? To just play for no one, with no expectations of anything sounding “good”.

So I kept going, day by day, and eventually, I started feeling more like it was ok for me to be who I was. A month passed and parts of myself I had neglected started falling out in the form of songs!

What resulted is this project called Gentle Ghosts, something I never thought I would share with anyone. It’s about listening to the ghosts inside of all of us, because they don’t mean us any harm! Whenever I feel lost and far away from myself, this music helps to bring me back. I hope it can do that for you as well!! <3″

And had to also copy-paste the story about this particular song:

This track is an earnest and poetic exploration of my personal battle with suicidal thoughts. While this may seem like heavy subject matter, this track somehow finds a midpoint between hope and hopelessness, between light and dark. For this reason, I believe this song will bring great comfort to anyone who has similar experiences. Musically, the track has a unique combination of fuzzy acoustic guitars, melodic bass and garage rock drums, topped with a powerful vocal performance that toes the line between bluntly confessional and poetic. This song means a lot to me and I hope that come across to you as well!

I find all this pretty inspirational. I think many artists can relate to the words above and I hope it will bring a little bit of comfort. I am loving this track very much.

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