Single: El Paso – Shape of a Gun

“The band El Paso is indescribable in genre, and unmistakable in sound. It’s the aggressiveness of a well-balanced delay, and the soothing nature of an expected overdrive.

The band floats in the muddy waters known as soul, blues rock and adult contemporary – they describe their sound as cowboy pop.

El Paso consists of Tommy Gulbrandsen, Niclas Mæhre, Simen Børnes and Roar Skotte.

Shape of a Gun is about the sinking feeling of being an insufficient friend and not being able to support the ones you love in the way you want.”

It has been a while since I shared a Norwegian band and I am glad it came my way. I like how they label themselves cowboy pop because it greatly suits the sounds. Laid back melody, great guitars, and catchy vocals. My leg was automatically clapping to the rhythm of the song and I can not remember when was the last time I naturally happened. I am so happy that we have bands like this one in Europe that can be easily liked across the Globe. I would love Europe to export more music to the world, especially from non-English speaking countries. Let’s do it El Paso.

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