Introducing: Hopeless Romantic – Faded in My Mind & 3 Questions

Hopeless Romantic was formed in 2018 as the brain-child of Ryan Daniels, a young actor/writer/musician from East Meadow, New York. The band, consisting of Daniels (20), along with Jared Grossman (29), and Shane Hahnel (17) are beyond excited for this record to be out there for people to listen to and enjoy after 3 years of writing and preparation. They have spent the better part of this year developing their sound as a band and trying first and foremost to figure out what sets them apart in an increasingly saturated genre and music scene. They have also worked to upgrade their production value in all content from music to visuals, as well as taking more time and putting effort towards establishing Hopeless Romantic as a marketable brand and a valued part of the DIY emo scene. This includes things like getting back into live shows, putting a stronger focus on crafting an engaging social media presence, and press outreach. Faded In My Mind is available on CD, Tape, and Streaming on June 23rd, 2023.

Coming off of the release of their first body of music since 2020 (“Constance” a 5 track EP which released March 3rd this year), the young DIY upstarts of Hopeless Romantic are back again, this time with a full 12 track LP. “Faded in My Mind,” is an alternative emo dissection into the human memory and how it copes with trauma, loss, and coming-of-age through struggle. The songs, including singles “Changed” (releasing 5/19) and “Different Love” (releasing 6/9), explore the ways the human mind can color, dispose of, and reignite memories to cope with the day-to-day human struggle. The subject matter is something people from all different walks of life can relate to and the sound is true to the heart of the genre while also bearing the band’s own unique sonic stamp. Additionally, the lyrics on this album are perhaps the most mature and personal the band has put forth yet. The record was recorded in December of 2022 and January/February of 2023 at the band’s home studio on Long Island, NY. It is being mixed and mastered by Nicholas Starrantino, a producer out of Long Island who has worked with bands like Afloat, Secret Tapes, and Evil Sweet.

The band is Ryan Daniels (Guitar/Vocals), Shane Hahnel (Drums), and Jared Grossman (Bass).

I have talked on Twitter (or whatever that doomed platform will be called now) that I want to cover “harder music” and I am keeping my promise. Not only we will soon release grunge-math-emo-indie rock, but I am also starting to cover music like that on this blog. It is a completely new journey for me and I have just a little experience with this genre, so please be patient with me.

First on my list is this emo band from NY released on an amazing cassette label Outcast Tape Infirmary. This Long Island band has released a really powerful, energetic album that is so enjoyable. I bet this song would be amazing live and I can imagine myself standing in front of the crowd and just dancing with the fans.

I really liked this sentence from the press release: ““Faded in My Mind,” is an alternative emo dissection into the human memory and how it copes with trauma, loss, and coming-of-age through struggle.

The emo is back, even in Slovakia and I am really happy about that. It is a genre that I have never been familiar with, but somehow it fits my moods much more these days than ever before.

I am so happy I can add this album to my favorite ones from this year and I bet you will like it as well. What a great band.

I reached out to the band and asked member Ryan our 3 questions:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

We all grew up doing musical theatre and performing from young ages which definitely is what I’d attribute our love of music and theatrics to. I (Ryan) personally have been involved in the arts since I was 3 years old and I started writing my own songs when I was about 11 or 12. It was around the same time I discovered my second love, the DIY emo scene and all the bands and fans and supporters and funders and beautiful souls that inhabit it. I’d say that’s definitely what keeps me going today!  Watching awesome bands start from the ground up and getting to interact with people who all have similar views at least as far as art is concerned yet who all bring an individual voice to the scene.  It’s a beautiful thing.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

I’d say the most challenging thing in my artistic path has been deciding where to take my future. I had a rough history with education and schooling and left the public school system in 8th grade. I honestly didn’t know what I’d do after I finished homeschooling. I knew I wanted to take this band all the way and continue performing, but I didn’t have the tools or training to do it by myself. About a year ago, I decided it was time to start applying to schools, and at 20 years old I got into 5 of the best music programs in the country!  I’ll be starting my major in Studio Composition at SUNY Purchase this fall and the future looks brighter than ever for the band!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

If anything was possible, I’d probably make clones of myself so I could pursue all my artistic aspirations at once. I’d love to be on Broadway someday, write a few novels, do some movies, direct, and produce. I really and truly want to do it all, so a couple extra me’s going around picking up some weight wouldn’t hurt!

This has been Ryan from HoRo, be sure to check out our DEBUT LP “Faded In My Mind” available right now on all streaming platforms as well as on cassette tape via @outcasttapes!