EP: How to Care for Flowers – For a Brief Moment I Felt the Sun​’​s Warmth, and Now the Cold Stings Worse Than It Ever Did Before

“I’m a singer-songwriter/one-man-band, mainly in the post-hardcore and emo/screamo genres, but also incorporating elements of a myriad of other styles of music I love from post-punk and post-rock to metalcore and deathcore. Lyrics are very important to me and my music, and I primarily write music as a way to express and vent struggles with depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and mental illness. For all of the darkness in my music, I always make sure to balance it with a sliver of light and hope. I am bilingual and while my music is mostly in English, I do sing/scream in Japanese from time to time. I put out my first self-titled EP in 2019 and just released my third EP entitled “For a Brief Moment I Felt the Sun’s Warmth, and Now the Cold Stings Worse Than It Ever Did Before” in July of this year. I feel strongly that this EP is a massive step up for me as an artist, instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, and am excited to share it with as many people as possible with the hope that my music can help other people struggling with mental health disorders feel less alone, just as so many other artists have comforted me throughout my life as an avid music fan. Thanks so much for listening! <3”

Sometimes I receive submissions like this one and I am excited about it because these are rare gems that could go by unnoticed. I have been covering more emo music on my blog and I am enjoying this new direction I am trying to go. This EP is exactly the kind of music I am trying to get to explore more. It has so much energy, so much emotion and I want to listen to that. Also, I am quite enjoying the usage of instruments and how well they are working together. Just 3 tracks in this EP, but all of them are so good. I have been re-listening them over and over and just trying to get to breathe them in.

I am also loving the name of the EP. The long names are my secret favorites.

Just start the EP from the first track and listen to it in full and get all your emotions soaked in. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.