EP: freddyboy – Hobby

I always try to share full EP even though I usually receive a single from the band to check out first. This is exactly the case through the single This Time I became interested in the EP Hobby.

Toronto-based artist Freddy Kwon began the project freddyboy in 2018 with a handful of experimental bedroom ideas recorded on his thrifted tape machine.

Through dreamy synths filtered in fuzz, sparkly guitars, and gentle vocals, freddyboy crafts warm, melodic silhouettes of his ordinary life. His youthful sound playfully swings between introversion and unfazed self-expression, capturing the quiet complexities of growing up in your twenties.”

I quoted the bio above, just to introduce the musicians a little bit more. but I am still struggling with how to describe this music well. It is experimental bedroom lo-fi pop/rock, or something else? Either way, I am enjoying the guitars a lot and the whole melodies that are changing like a summer breeze near the sea and gently touching your body.

5-tracks EP with less than 14 mins of total playing time. Let’s make a deal, instead of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, just invest time into listening to this EP. You will not regret it.

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