EP: Eric Bond – As Always

“As Always” was written when I received an email from an engineer from Narwhal Studios in Chicago. He liked my tunes and wanted to work together, and this is the first song I pitched out of the 3 we ended up recording. It is mostly about my tendency to take pity on people who do not deserve it, thus me putting their needs before my own. I think it’s a reflection on myself and my roommates at the time and the bittersweet relationships that my living there provoked. I like to think of “As Always” as my pop song.

A little bit of story about the song and this great lo-fi slacker rock track from Eric Bond based in Ohio.

You can listen to all 3 songs here:

There are a lot of Alex G vibes In these three songs and they are all enjoyable. Really enjoying the guitar parts which are creating a really nice drive of the song. A slacker rock I have been enjoying quite a bit in recent years. Definitely another great artist worth putting on your listening wishlist.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.