EP: CORP. – Employee Orientation

“CORP. is here to radically disrupt consumers’ livelihoods through high-risk post-punk music. CORP. has achieved an innovative musical stranglehold which has sent other musical enterprises into retreat. Bands like MGMT, Surf Curse, Joy Division, The Strokes, and TV Girl have served Corp. well as musical influences.”

I have got this submission because of my friend Connor from Crafted Sounds, who is a friend of this band. I like when the music is recommended to me this way. This is an enjoyable indie rock that, if you did not know, would not guess that is coming from Berlin. So happy to share some good indie music coming from inland Europe. There is not enough music on this blog, but I have not come across many new good bands. So if you are reading this and you are from Europe, send us a submission so we can discover you. In the meantime enjoy this energetic 4-track EP.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.