Album: Apparitioner – Drowsing

“apocalyptic vision eco-terror doom gaze post-folk”

Apparitioner is an indie folk project of Nick Coward from Richmond, Virginia, who played in nick coward and the last battle, belles (va), moscow apartment (va), new designs in architecture.

Sometimes you get off on the wrong foot with some album. It was the case with this album when I heard firstly a song (Realize) and did not get into it as much and kinda skip it, but then more songs from the album come to me and I realized (see the pun) that I was wrong and this album is worth checking out and sharing as well. I like the description mentioned in the beginning because it somehow sums up the feel of the songs. Maybe it is a little bit hyperbolic, but I am enjoying the atmosphere created by this album. The acoustic guitar is so beautiful and I am getting lost in its melodies. Gentle, subtle, yet still powerful.

This album is perfect listening for Friday when you want to ease down a little bit, stop, slow down, or however, you want to describe your way of relaxing. This kind of music will suit those moments very much. Start the first track, close your eyes and all doors, and just enjoy the music.

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