EP: Charley Horse – Foothills

“Charley Horse is a power pop and indie rock band formed in 2022 and based in Austin, Texas. The band features three guitars (Lincoln Dunn, Doug Finch, and Glenn Gomez), bass guitar (Jordan Garrett), and drums (Kevin Cavanagh), with all five members contributing to writing and singing.”

Here are some words about single Ball Cap:

“Ball Cap”, is an indie-rock pop-bop, drenched in catchy guitar riffs and is carried along by an infectious drum beat and bassline, not to mention a sweet trumpet part that acts as the cherry on top.

I like the combination of indie rock and power pop, especially when you compare the first track Foothills to Rodeo or Ball Cap. Lastly, I have been released when you can see more variations in melodies and overall atmosphere. This short EP is pretty energetic and I am already wondering why the band is not releasing their music on some label. It is another band that could be liked by a more general indie audience. For me, the last track is the most enjoyable one, so if you want to start the EP with just one track, go from the end to the beginning. Either way, I really enjoyed the guitar riffs in all songs and get hooked pretty easily. I think you will get into it as well…

You can find more music and support the band on Bandcamp.