EP: boyhood. – I Know, It’s Coming

Here is an introduction about the band and this newest EP:

boyhood. is a New York based singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a trans man, the name “boyhood.” is an evolving homage to the experience of having had an unconventional one, and an exploration of how a repressed and limited childhood has influenced a full and intentional adulthood. The artist project uses music to synthesize experiences and save little fragments of time. boyhood. draws upon eclectic inspiration to combine chaotic and energetic rhythms and samples with calm and soothing vocal melodies.  

On September 14th, boyhood. will release ‘I Know, It’s Coming,’ his sophomore EP via UK-based independent distributor DMY Artists. 

The 5 track EP weaves together a broad range of influences and a deeply confessional songwriting style into a personal homecoming; a sonic exploration for anyone who has struggled to feel like themselves again. Focus track ‘Fast,’ was produced by Brooklyn-based indie rock duo Toledo and mixed by Melina Duterte of Jay Som.

Also boyhood. tell us more about the EP:

 “This EP explores the complicated feelings of emerging from a long period of depression and apathy. It’s a reclamation of emotion and a recommitment to growing and exploring new sounds and inspirations as an artist. Five songs about trying and failing and trying again.”

This EP is a fresh, indie / bedroom pop with really interesting instrumental parts and dominant vocals. Together they create a nice refreshing sound that is quite modern, but also innovative so it can captivate you more.

If you are looking for some new indie pop that will make your personal playlists more sparkling, these songs would not be a bad choice. You can explore the lyrics more if you love doing that and this EP deserves your listening.

I can totally see this getting more love as the EP is well-produced and has the qualities of good indie/alt-pop.

My personal favorite from the album is Winner, so at least listen to that one.

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