Album: Ultramar Echos – Faraway Tides

“Ultramar Echos (Richard L Camino) released his first album ‘Blue Love’ in 2023. It was recorded in his home studio on Long Island, NY. All the tracks were written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Richard. The musical style of the project revolves around Indie Pop, or simply Pop Rock. There are some elements and vibes of Surf Rock in the music as well. The main inspiration for the first album comes from the oceans & costal life. Everything begun as a hobby wanting to play around with instruments and music. As a result, at some point songs started to take shape and Ultramar Echos was created as a solo project to share these songs with whoever wants to listen.

On Feb 9th 2024, a new single ’To That Time’ came out. On June 7th 2024 ‘Faraway Tides’ was released. This second album is a continuation of a journey searching for cool vibes blending guitars and synth sounds to produce tracks at different tempos and moods.”

As the summer draws near, the sun shines brighter and warmer, and my mood becomes more relaxed. I’m on the lookout for new music to enjoy, especially when I stumble upon some laid-back, dreamy, synthy indie surf rock. The songs evoke a coastal atmosphere, with catchy melodies that harken back to the new wave pop of the 80s, creating an amazing summer vibe. I particularly enjoyed how the music seamlessly transitioned from surfy indie pop to a more psychedelic sound, and then to synth indie pop. The album boasts a colorful sound palette that collectively crafts a mesmerizing atmosphere. Listening to it made me want to grab a cold drink, lounge in the sun, and simply savor the day.