Album: Thank You Thank You – NEXT TO NOTHING

Another release I am sharing from oof records, another great one. I am blown away by the releases this label releases. Such gems.

As you know, oof records press kits are awesome so I have to quote it once more:

While living in Connecticut in 2009, Bussey was one of the founding members of The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, returning to the band for Harmlessness (which VICE called ‘the best indie rock record of 2015, period’) and Always Foreign in 2017 before leaving for good a year later. In the years following, Bussey also toured with Emperor X, played with Portland, Oregon’s Snow Roller, and contributed multiple instruments to Bad Heaven LTD’s Strength (“a strikingly vivid and detailed sound that evokes a real sense of wonder” – Various Small Flames). He’s been a member of Strange Ranger since late 2018, touring with them behind 2019’s Remembering the Rockets. All the while, Bussey has been hosting shows in his South Philly basement and writing the songs that make up NEXT TO NOTHING.

With every note and word parceled out, Thank You Thank You invites you into an emotional headspace where epiphanies are untangled in real time, and connections are threaded between the present and past. Like an idea caught and captured in a 4-AM voice memo, the songs delve deep into the core of a feeling—placing the listener within the heart of it.

There is a certain loneliness present in the songs that is mirrored in the need for collaborators. The way notes sustain—tugging and holding before ultimately letting go—long for and invite the answering calls of complementary instrumentation. Gentle humming and amplifier buzz never quite leave room for complete solitude around Bussey’s voice as it carefully traipses around clever melodies, winding its way between moments of pure bliss in the brilliant arrangements.

It is short but a beautiful EP that creates a magical atmosphere. It invites you to listen to it over and over and get more familiar with all the sounds and nuances. A beautiful release. I really need to get oof records cassettes to our EU distro/shop.

You can find more music on artist’s Bandcamp or you can check out more music from oof records.