Album: Stringhead – The Gue

This is a new band from Plymouth, MA playing indie lo-fi folk rock. It is an album with 20 tracks, so I am not expecting you will listen to all of them at first listening, but give them a try. For example, try the first Head and if you like it check the rest, but if you trust my taste, then listen to it from the beginning to the end. Hearing a little bit of Alex G influence in the songs, which is really nice. The guitars are really great, from heavier parts to softer indie folk ones. I am liking the changes in the moods in the song, from slower to stronger. It makes the listening experience more enjoyable and you feel like you are actually listening to different songs, not just one long track. There is not much to know about the album or band, so instead of reading, start listening if you have not already done that.

You can follow the band on Spotify.