Album: Strawberry Generation – Afloat

Strawberry Generation is an indie pop band formed in Providence, with members hailing from Singapore, Belgium, and the USA. It’s name comes from a Chinese expression that mocks today’s young people for being too soft, coddled and easily-bruised.
Their upcoming debut album Afloat was written and recorded in Providence, mixed and produced in Singapore with members of Sobs and Cosmic Child, and toured in the UK at Indietracks 2019 (Kero Kero Bonito, Adult Mom, The Orielles).
The band began performing as a duo with Luk Yean (guitar, vocals) and Valerie Zhu (vocals, saxophone), and has since been joined by Dan Davis (guitar), Max Naftol (bass) and Alejandro Subiotto Marqués (drums).

This new album is just ace. Put everything away and just listen to it in full. I just wish there were cassettes….

You can also watch video for When You Were Here And I Was Sad:

You can find more music on Bandcamp.